Lorien Trust

Lorien Trust


One of, if not the, largest LARP organisers in the UK & Europe. It boasts 4 large events per year, including the famous Gathering of Nations, all based in Locko Park, Derby. Plus there are numerous “sanctioned” events for the individual groups within the system, which though not arranged by Lorien Trust, have their stamp that everything will be done within their rules system.

Lorien Trust events feature a broad cross section of styles. There is mass-combat on the scale of thousands of people at each main event, plus the ability to focus on the political aspects should that be preferrable.

Families are welcomed at the main events, and its not unusual to see the kids marching off to fight monsters in specially arranged linear plot events. (Please note: sanctioned events have slightly different rules on player ages, so it is advisable to check this before booking).

Facilities include onsite bar, food stalls, showers/toilets

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