Seaxe and Sorcery

Seaxe and Sorcery

Seaxe and Sorcery is a semi-historic/fantasy LARP set in a mythical England’s past. It is based in Essex, family orientated and is a non-profit organisation. As a group, Seaxe and Sorcery has been around since 1986.

We run RPG nights every Monday in East Tilbury (Essex) and a number of different systems within Seaxe itself:

H.M.S. (Historical Mythological Society) – our fantasy/semi-historical family setting;
CotH (Company of the Helm) – our cross-system and adult centered game that puts Roleplay over Ruleplay;
Shadows & Sorcery – High-hit, grown-ups only system. Expect player deaths;
MCM (Mutant Chronicles Mars) – Based on the popular future fiction
Mutant Chronicles;
Tales of New Albion – Post-apocalyptic Britain adventure.


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  1. Sam "Bifford"
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 00:00:10

    Great family orientated group. Runs a number of different systems within the all-encompassing remit of “Seaxe and Sorcery”.


  2. MaximasVonBracey
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 19:34:54

    I have been attending Seaxe & Sorcery now since early 2005 (So comming up to 7 years soon) and it’s very well run for a non-profit LARP system. The site itself is well catered for including food, and a decent toilet block for showers.

    They have 6+ Systems they run, some table top, some free form, but mostly all LARP, and I find it great fun.

    I’ve travelled across Europe LARP’ing and tried 10+ systems, and still havn’t found anything as cheap and value for money as Seaxe.


  3. Log
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 12:04:16

    Easily the friendliest larp system I have come across. Easy to get stuck in and very good value for money 🙂


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