This Gear site no longer has a website. It might exist on another plane, or may have been eaten by a Shuggoth. No one knows for sure...

Smokey Dragon Forge

We specialise in producing a variety of high quality  throwing weapons and accessories suitable for use in all British LARP/LRP events, as well as for all players regardless of what character you play. We hope you will find your favorite weapons here!!!

Every item we produce is hand-made from scratch by our Chief Designer, Alex. We intend to regularly produce different designs and ideas for all players in the near future to make the whole LARP/LRP experience even more fun!!! We hope our weapons will bring hours of fun, inspiration and satisfaction.

You may also view our newsletters for the latest information about the Smokey Dragon Forge, and you can register as one of our members for free and discuss any LARP/LRP issue on our forum.

As we are doing this for fun rather than profit, we have tried to keep our prices as low as possible. So what are you waiting for? Come inside, choose your weapons and prepare for battle!!!

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